Makatea Sweet Potato Vine

Makatea Sweet Potato Vine

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Product will be available for pick up only at the DIG Garden Centre store in between May6-15th. You will be contacted once they arrive for pick up time. One plant comes in a 5' pot for $7.98


About Makatea Sweet Potato Vine


  • Chartreuse leaves cover the vine
  • Sweet tubers with white flesh
  • An award-winning vegetable


The sweet potatoes that grow on this vine are pale in color and delicious in all kinds of dishes—plus, the foliage is great for adding to mixed salads. The vine grows quickly in the garden or even in large containers, where it will grow masses of charming heart-shaped, pointed leaves. Plant in full sunlight for best results, and keep the soil moist by watering once a week (or more, if growing in a particularly hot, dry climate). In 2020, Treasure Island sweet potatoes won the Direct Gardening Association's Green Thumb Award.


    Sweet potatoes like it hot ! Plant these in the garden at least  1-2 weeks after the last chance of frost.  

    Plant sweet potatoes in a sunny, warm location about  12-18 inches apart and allow 3 feet between rows. Sweet potato seedlings in pots have a tendency to become rootbound. When the roots ( which turn into sweet potatoes) begin to grow they will often circle around the inside of the  pot. If rootbound before planting cut a good portion of the  roots off of the bottom and loosen the remaining roots. Feed  the plants bi-weekly with a Tomato or fruit & vegetable  fertilizer. 


    Sweet potatoes are ready to harvest as the ends of the vines  begin to yellow, just before frost.  

    Sweet potatoes need a period of curing to bring out their  sweetness. Shake off soil and store your unwashed sweet  potatoes in a warm well ventilated location. As they cure the  flesh will become sweeter and more nutritious. After 10 days  move your sweet potatoes to a cool, dry spot, do not  refrigerate or store below 50 F. Cured sweet potatoes will  keep for up to 6 months.

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