Ornamental Grasses

Here are the varieties that have been ordered for the 2022 garden season. Until the plants arrive this list may be subject to change and shortages.


Our staff is happy to help but please research the varieties for height and growing to see if they'll work for your location. 

Please note that we do most of our ordering in the fall for the next season, so special orders are best done then if there's something specific you're looking for. We do continuous perennial orders throughout the season. 


Send orders or requests to: digorders@gmail.com


Andropogon Gerardii 'blackhawks'

Andropogon 'holy Smoke'

Andropogon Rain Dance

Bouteloua Gracilis 'blonde Ambition'

Calamagrostis Brachytricha

Calamagrostis X Acu. 'karl Foerster'

Calamagrostis X Acu. 'lightning Strike'


Festuca Elijah Blue


Calamagrostis Acutiflora 'avalanche' (Na)

Calamagrostis Acutiflora 'karl Foerster'

Carex Glauca 'blue Zinger'

Festuca Glauca Beyond Blue™ 'casca11'

Festuca Glauca 'lil' Chill'

Festuca Rubra

Hakonechloa Macra 'all Gold'

Hakonechloa Macra 'aureola'

Liriope Muscari 'big Blue'

Miscanthus Sinensis 'huron Sunrise'

Miscanthus Sinensis 'little Zebra'

Miscanthus Sinensis 'morning Light'

Pennisetum Alopecuroides 'little Bunny'


Hakonechloa Macra 'all Gold'

Hakonechloa Macra 'aureola'

Hakonechloa Macra 'sunflare'

Hakonechloa Sunflare 2.5"


Helictotrichon Semp. 'sapphire'

Helictotrichon Sempervirens

Imperata Cyl. Red Baron

Imperata Red Baron

Miscanthus Giganteus

Miscanthus 'purpurascens'

Miscanthus Purpurescens

Miscanthus Sin. 'graziella'

Miscanthus Sinensis Bandwidth

Miscanthus Sinensis 'huron Sunrise'


Ophiopogon Japonicus 'nigrescens'

Ophiopogon Japonicus 'nigrescens'

Osteospermum Lavender Mist

Osteospermum Purple Mountain

Panicum Virgatum 'blood Brothers'

Panicum Virgatum 'hot Rod'


Pennisetum Al. 'red Head'


Schizachyrium Scoparium 'prairie Munchkin'

Schizophragma Hydrangeoides Flirty Girl™ (Pw)

Stipa Tenuissima