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Please note that the following plant list is what we are growing or being supplied for the season. Stock levels will fluctuate and plants will be ready at different time frames depending on our weather. We will sell out of certain items quicker than others and this list will not be updated to reflect current inventory. Please note that when we open our greenhouse mid April the annuals that you take home will need to be kept inside a heated greenhouse/house until they can be hardened off in early May (Keep in mind the suggested frost free planting time is May Long Weekend) and they need to be fertilized and pinched for a nice full plant. 

Angelonia Archangel Coral x 50

Angelonia Archangel Purple Dark x 50

Argentum Golden Butterfly x 100

Bacopa Atlas White x 100

Bacopa Atlas White x 100

Bacopa Falls Big White x 50

Bacopa Giant Snowflake x 100

Bacopa MegaCopa Blue x 50

Bacopa Snowstorm Rose x 100

Begonia Belleconia Cream x 50

Begonia Belleconia Snow x 50

Begonia Solenia Chocolate Orange x 50

Begonia Solenia Red x 50

Bidens Bee Alive x 50

Bidens Bidy Gonzales Trailing x 100

Bract Dreamtime Yellow Jumbo x 50

Bract Mohave Orange x 50

Cali Cabaret Blue Sky x 50

Cali Cabaret Good Night Kiss x 50

Cali Cabaret Pink Star x 50

Cali Cabaret Purple x 50

Cali Cabaret Red Bright x 50

Cali Can-Can Orange x 50

Cali Can-Can Pink Bumble Bee x 50

Cali Can-Can Purple Dk x 50

Cali Can-Can Terracotta x 50

Cali MinFams Neo Double Purple x 50

Cali MinFams Neo Lava Red Eye x 50

Cali MinFams Neo Purple x 50

Cali MinFams Neo White x 50

Cali.Superbells Double Blue x 50

Cali.Superbells Evening Star Imp x 50

Cali.Superbells Holy Cow x 50

Cali.Superbells Lemon Slice x 100

Cali.Superbells Over Easy x 100

Cali.Superbells Pomegranite Punch x 100

Cali.Superbells Strawberry Punch x 100

Cali.Superbells Table Top Red x 50

Cali.Superbells Watermelon Punch x 50

Cali.Superbells Yellow x 100

Calib Aloha Kona Honeycomb x 100

Calib Aloha Kona Neon x 100

Calib Aloha Nani Calibash x 100

Calib Hula Red x 100

Calib Volcano Neon x 100

Calibrachoa Cabaret Blue Sky x 50

Calibrachoa Cabaret Diva Orange x 50

Calibrachoa Cabaret Orange Improved x 50

Calibrachoa Cabaret Red x 50

Calibrachoa Callie Star Orange x 100

Calibrachoa Neo Dark Blue x 50

Calibrachoa Neo light Pink eye x 50

Calibrachoa Neo Orange Red Eye x 50

Calibrachoa Superbells Blue x 100

Calibrachoa Superbells Double Amber x 100

Calocephalus Whimsy Silver x 100

Canna Toucan Scarlet x 50

Chryso.Flambe Yellow x 100

Coleus Coleosaurus x 50

Coleus Colorblaze Golden Dreams x 50

Coleus Colorblaze Wicked Hot x 50

Coleus Colorblaze Wicked Witch x 50

Coleus Flame Thrower Chipotle x 50

Coleus Florida Sun Rose Split x 50

Coleus Main Str Alligator Alley x 100

Coleus Stained Glasswork Tilt Whirl x 100

Coleus Stained Glasswork Velvet x 100

Confetti Garden Bel Air Red x 8

Confetti Garden Blaze of Glory x 8

Confetti Garden Calypso x 8

Confetti Garden Evening Safari x 8

Confetti Garden Fire Flash x 8

Confetti Garden Glossy Grape x 8

Confetti Garden Glossy Mango x 8

Confetti Garden Haw Volcano Kea x 8

Confetti Garden Hawaiian Fruit Bowl x 8

Confetti Garden Hot Pink x 8

Confetti Garden Marvel Treasure x 8

Confetti Garden Pineapple Punch x 8

Confetti Garden Rockin Red x 8

Confetti Garden Shocking Blue x 8

Confetti Garden Spring Safari x 8

Confetti Garden Sunshine x 8

Confetti Garden Waterbury x 8

Cuphea Tiny Mice x 100

Dahlia Dalaya Purple White x 50

Dahlia Venti Royal Purple x 50

Dianthus Sup Trouper Butterfly Dark Red x 50

Dichondra Silver Falls x 50

Dorotheanthus Mezoo Trl Red x 100

Euphorbia Diamond Mountain x 100

Euphorbia Diamond Snow x 100

Euphorbia Star Dust Super Flash x 100

Fuchsia Blue Satin x 50

Fuchsia Quasar x 50

Fuchsia Southgate x 50

Geranium Fantasia Flamingo Rose x 50

Geranium Galaxy Purple x 50

Geranium Ivy Precision Burgundy Dark x 50

Geranium Presto Red Brilliant x 50

Grass Graceful Fiber Optic x 100

Grass Graceful Purple Fountain x 50

Grass Graceful Vertigo x 50

Helichrysum Silver Stitch x 50

Hypoestes Hippo Rose x 50

Impatience Big Bounce Cherry x 50

Impatience Big Bounce Lavender x 50

Impatience Fiesta Salsa Red x 50

Impatience Fiesta Sparkler Hot Pink x 50

Impatience Rockapulco Double Rose x 100

Impatience Sunpatience Compact Orchid Blush x 50

Impatience Sunpatience Compact Purple x 50

Ipom Flora Mia Cameo x 100

Ipom Flora Mia Limon  x 100

Ipom Flora Mia Limon Wedge x 100

Ipom Marguerite x 200

Ipomoea Blackie x 100

Ipomoea Marguerite Split x 100

Ipomoea Marguerite Split x 50

Ipomoea Sidekick Lacey Lime x 100

Ipomoea Solar Power Black Heart x 50

Ipomoea Solar Power Red Heart x 50

Ipomoea Spotlight Lime Heart x 50

Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Light Green x 72

Lamium gale Hermann's Pride Split x 50

Lantana Havana Cherry x 100

Lantana Landmark White x 50

Lantana Luscious Marmalade x 50

Lobelia Bella Aqua x 100

Lobelia Laguna Ultraviolet x 100

Lobelia Laguna White x 100

Lobelia Magadi Basket Dark Purple x 50

Lobelia Magadi Blue x 50

Lobelia Techno Cobalt Blue x 100

Lobelia Techno Large Blue Violet x 100

Lobelia Waterfall Blue x 50

Lobelia Waterfall White Blush x 50

Lobularia Yolo French Vanilla x 100

Lophospermum Compact White x 50

Lophospermum Wine Red x 100

Lysimachia Waikiki Sunset x 100

MixMaster Eye Caramba x 8

Mix-Master Laguna Beach x 8

MixMaster Over the Top x 8

Mojito Mint x 100

Nemesia Aromatica Royal Blue x 50

Nemesia Sunsatia Blood Orange x 100

Osteospermum Zion Morning Sun x 50

Oxalis Charmed Wine x 100

Petunia Amore Fiesta x 50

Petunia Black Magic x 100

Petunia Cascadias Autumn Mystery x 50

Petunia Cascadias Purple Ice x 50

Petunia ColorRush Purple x 50

Petunia ColorRush Watermelon Rd x 50

Petunia Happy Magic Green Edge x 50

Petunia Headliner Night Sky x 100

Petunia Headliner Night Sky x 100

Petunia Headliner Saturn Dark x 50

Petunia Headliner Starry-Sky Burgundy x 50

Petunia Jelly Roll x 50

Petunia Littletunia Black Bicolor x 50

Petunia Origami Watermelon x 100

Petunia Peppy Red x 100

Petunia Pinstripe x 50

Petunia Potunia Cappuccino x 100

Petunia Potunia Red x 100

Petunia Sanguna Hot Rose x 100

Petunia Sanguna Radient Blue x 100

Petunia Starlet Red x 50

Petunia Starlet Velvet 20 x 50

Petunia Supertunia Black Cherry x 50

Petunia Supertunia Double Sharon x 100

Petunia Supertunia Honey x 50

Petunia Supertunia Limoncello x 100

Petunia Supertunia Lovie Dovie x 50

Petunia Supertunia Mini Vista Hot Pink x 50

Petunia Supertunia Trailing Blue x 100

Petunia Supertunia Trailing Silver x 100

Petunia Supertunia Trailing Strawberry Pink Vein x 100

Petunia Surfinia Lime x 100

Petunia Surprise Monarch Star x 100

Petunia Surprise Moonlight Bay x 100

Petunia Surprise Tie Dye Violet x 100

Petunia Sweetunia Coral Flash x 100

Petunia Sweetunia Fiona Flash x 100

Petunia Sweetunia Johnny Flame x 100

Phlox Intensia Red Hot x 100

Plectranthus Nicolleta x 50

Rosemary Arp x 50

Rosemary Spice Island x 50

Scaevola White Sparkle x 50

Sedum Lemon Coral x 100

Thunbergia Sunny Arizona Glow x 50

Thunbergia Sunny Lemon Star x 50

Thunbergia Sunny Orange Wonder x 50

Torenia Moon Magenta x 50

Torenia Moon Yellow x 50

TrixiLiner Cajun Flare x 8

TrixiLiner Cherry Kiss x 8

TrixiLiner Geisha Girl  x 8

TrixiLiner Night Watch x 8

TrixiLiner Salt Water Taffy x 8

TrixiLiner Starlight Starbright x 8

TrixiLiner Sweet Candy x 8

Verbena Empress Red Dark x 100

Verbena EnduraScape White Blush x 50

Verbena Estrella Lobsterfest x 100

Verbena Lascar Mango Orange x 50

Verbena Lascar Rose Hot x 50

Verbena Superbena Royal Chambray x 50

Verbena Superbena Royal Romance x 100

4 packs

Alyssum Clear Crystal Lavender Shades x 71

Dusty Miller Silver dust x 71

Gazania Kiss Flame x 71

Gazania New Day x 71

Marigold Antigua Primrose x 71

Marigold Bonanza Bee x 71

Marigold Bonanza Mix x 71

Marigold Hot Pak x 71

Marigold Inca II Mix x 71

Marigold Inca II Yellow x 71

Marigold Safari Tangerine x 71

Marigold Super Hero Spry x 71

Pansy Colossus Rose Medley x 71

Pansy Delta Apple Cider Mix x 71

Pansy Delta Tri Color Mix x 71

Salvia Mojave Red Bicolor x 71

Zinnia Swizzle Cherry & Ivory x 71

Vinca Nirvana Cascade Pink Splash