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Please note that the following plant list is what we are growing or being supplied for the season. Stock levels will fluctuate and plants will be ready at different time frames depending on our weather. We will sell out of certain items quicker than others and this list will not be updated to reflect current inventory.


Please note that when we open our greenhouse mid April the annuals that you take home will need to be kept inside a heated greenhouse/house until they can be hardened off in early May (Keep in mind the suggested frost free planting time is May Long Weekend) and they need to be fertilized and pinched for a nice full plant. 



Alternanthera Little Ruby

Bacopa MegaCopa Blue

Bacopa MegaCopa Pink

Bacopa MegaCopa White

Bacopa Scopia Dbl Snowball

Bacopa Scopia Gldn Leaves Wht

Beg Dragon Wing Red

Bidens Sun Drop Double Yellow

Brachyscome Radiant Magenta

Bract Dreamtime Rose Jumbo

Bract Mohave White

Calib Bumble Bee Blue

Calib Bumble Bee Pink Hot

Calib Cabaret Diva Orange

Calib Cabaret Orange

Calib Cabaret Yellow Golden

Calib Candy Shop Bag of Trix

Calib Cha-Cha Diva Apricot

Calib MinFams Neo Dbl Red

Calib MinFams Neo DblOrngTstc

Coleus Campfire

Coleus Dragon Heart

Coleus Flm Throwr Chipotle

Coleus Limewire

Coleus Vino

Dahl CityLghts Neon

Dahl CityLghts Purple

Dahl Dalaya Purple White

Dahl Venti Tequla Snrs

Dian DiaDeur Magenta Wht Edge

Dian Sup Trouper Orange

Dian Sup Trouper Yellow

Diascia Piccadilly Apblsm

Diascia Piccadilly Salmon Dk

Dichondra Silver Falls

Fuchsia La Campanella

Fuchsia Uprt Miss California

GerIV Focus Red Ice

GerIV Precision Burgundy Dk

GerIV Precision Ruby

GerZN Dynamo Orange

GerZN Dynamo Pink Light

GerZN Fantasia Shocking Blue

GerZN Galaxy Pink

HE Rosemary Tuscan Blue

HE Rosemary off Barbecue

Heliotrope Marine

ImpaEX SunpatnsComp Mgnta Roy

ImpaEX SunpatnsComp Orch Blsh

Ipom Marguerite

Ipom Solar Power Lime Heart

Ipom Solar Power Lime

Ipom Spotlight Lime

Ipom Spotlight Red Heart

Lantana SunDance White

Lantana SunDance Yellow

Lavandula ang Munstead

Lobelia Magadi Bskt Blue Dark

Lobelia Magadi Bskt Purple Dk

Lobelia Waterfall White Blush

Lobularia Easy Brzy Pink

Lobularia Easy Brzy Purple

Lophospermum Wine Red

Lysimachia procumbens Golden

Osteosp Daisy Falls White Ame

Osteosp Sunshine Beauty

Osteosp Zion Purple Sun

Pet Shock Wave Purple Deep

Pet Shock Wave Red

Pet Wave Carmine Vlr

PetVEG Bee's Knees

PetVEG Cascadias Purple Ice

PetVEG ColorRush Mrlt Str Ipd

PetVEG ColorRush Red

PetVEG Dbl Vogue Blue

PetVEG Dbl Vogue Pink

PetVEG Dbl Vogue White

PetVEG Happy Mgc Cremissimo

PetVEG Headlnr Elec Purp Sky

PetVEG Headlnr Enchanted Sky

PetVEG Headlnr Night Sky

PetVEG Headlnr StarrySky Burg

PetVEG Main Stage Glacier Sky

PetVEG Main Stage Violet Pcot

PetVEG Midnight Gold

PetVEG Phantom

Petchoa SupCalPrm Bordeaux

Petchoa SupCalPrm Caramel Yel

Petchoa SupCalPrm Cinnamon

Petchoa SupCalPrm Frnch Vanla

Petchoa SupCalPrm Sunray Pk

Petchoa SupCalPrm Yellow Sun

Phlox Gisele Scarlet

Plectranthus Nico

Plectranthus Nicolleta

Sanvitalia Tsavo Yellow Comp

Thunbergia Sunny Orng Wonder

TrixiLiner Cherry Kiss

TrixiLiner Purple Lace

TrixiLiner Walk On A Cloud

TrixiLiner Who Knew Orleans22

VerbeVEG CadetUprt Red

VerbeVEG EnduraScape PinkFizz

VerbeVEG EnduraScape Purple

VerbeVEG Firehouse Purple

VerbeVEG Lascar Mango Orange

Vinca major Expoflora