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Here's our 2024 annual plant list of what we are growing.

(we will be supplied with other varieties in May to complement our selections)

Varieties will be ready weekly as per our 8-10 weeks of planting, shop often!

This list will not be updated to reflect current inventory.


The annuals that you take home will need to be kept

inside a heated greenhouse/house until they can be hardened off in early/mid May.

Please keep in mind the suggested frost free planting time is May Long Weekend 

and they'll need to be fertilized and pinched for a nice full plant. 

Space does not allow us to hold annuals or baskets


* these are some of my favorite choices

Acalypha Firetail *

Alyssum Wonderland Deep Purple

Alyssum Wonderland white

Anagalis Wildcat Mandarin *

Angelonia Angel Dance Violet Bicolor

Angelonia Angel Mist Berry Sparkler Spreading

Angelonia Archangel Ruby Sangria

Bacopa Bahia Blue Sand 

Bacopa Big Falls Dark Pink

Bacopa Calypso Jumbo Deep Lavender

Bacopa Calypso Jumbo White

Bacopa Scopia Double White

Bacopa Taifun Mega White

Begonia Double Delight Appleblossom

Begonia Dragon Wing Pink Bronze Leaf

Begonia I'Conia Miss Miami

Begonia I'Conia Miss Montreal

Begonia I'Conia Portofino Yellow

Begonia Non stop Dark Salmon

Begonia Non stop Red

Begonia Nonstop Joy Mix (shade - part sun) upright

Begonia Nonstop Joy Peaches 'n Dreams (2 colours shade- part shade) trailing

Bidens Bee Alive double orange

Bidens Brazen Eternal Flame

Bidens Brazen Rising Sun

Bidens Campfire Marshmallow

Bidens Goldilocks Rocks

Bidens Spicy Electric white w/yellow

Brachyscome Brasco Violet

Bracteantha Cottage Pink

Bracteantha Dreamtime Jumbo pure white

Bracteantha Dreamtime jumbo yellow

Bracteantha Mohave purple red

Browallia Endless Illumination Blue

Calibrabchoa Hula hot pink 

Calibrachoa Bloomtastic peach grenadine

Calibrachoa Calibri malibu pink

Calibrachoa Calitastic bordeaux star

Calibrachoa Calitastic cappacino *

Calibrachoa Calitastic tricolour pink

Calibrachoa Callie eclipe lavendar

Calibrachoa Callie star orange

Calibrachoa Callie yellow

Calibrachoa Candy Shop bag of trix

Calibrachoa Cha-Cha Lavender

Calibrachoa Chameleon Frozen ice *

Calibrachoa Cruze apple delicious

Calibrachoa hot pink spark

Calibrachoa Lia dark red

Calibrachoa Minifamous neo dbl white

Calibrachoa Ombre Pink

Calibrachoa Rainbow orange oasis

Calibrachoa Rainbow pink pepperberry

Calibrachoa Superbells Cherry Star

Calibrachoa Superbells Double Vintage Coral

Calibrachoa Superbells Dreamsicle

Calibrachoa Superbells Honeyberry

Calibrachoa Superbells Lemon Slice

Calibrachoa Superbells pomegranate punch

Calibrachoa Superbells watermelon punch

Celosia pampas plume tall *

Celosia Sol Lizzard Leaf *

Centaurea silverswirl *

Coleus Colorblaze el brighto

Coleus Colorblaze sedona sunset

Coleus Colorblaze wicked witch

Coleus Main Street wall street

Coleus Party Time pink fizz *

Coleus Stained Glassworks flashbulb

Coleus Stained Glassworks tilt a whirl

Coleus Talavera Moondust

Coleus Talavera Sienna

Coleus Trailblazer roadtrip trailing

Coleus Under The Sea bone fish *

Coleus Under the Sea king crab

Cosmos Sonata Mix

Cuphea Sweet talk Pink *

Cuphea Sweet talk Red

Cuphea Vermillionaire

Dahlia Citylights red

Dahlia Hypnotica tropical breeze

Dahlia Venti light rose

Dahlia XXl tobasco *

Dianthus I love U *

Dianthus pink kisses

Dianthus Vivacia purple

Dianthys Super Trouper yellow

Diascia Piccadilly dark salmon

Dichondra Silver Falls

Dorotheanthus Meezo *

Dracaena Spike

Dracaena spike

Dusty Miller Silver Dust

Eucalyptus Baby Blue bouquet

Euphorbia Diamond Snow

Euphorbia Star Dust white flash

Euporbia breathless blush *

Evolvulus Blue My Mind XL

Fuchsia Eruptions *

Fuchsia Gartenmeister

Fuchsia Giant bella rosella *

Fuchsia Giant orange king

Fuchsia Heri Mochara *

Fuchsia Southgate

Fuchsia swingtime

Fuchsia upright Paula Jane

Geranium Brocade Fire 

Geranium Brocade Salmon night

Geranium calliope rose mega splash

Geranium citronella

Geranium Ivy Decora pink eye

Geranium Ivy Focus red ice

Geranium Ivy League red

Geranium Ivy royal purple

Geranium Marcada white

Geranium Sarita sunstar red

Geranium timeless fire

Geranium Zonal Survivor salmon pink *

Gerbera Garvinea Sweet Memories

Grass Graceful king tut

Grass Graceful purple fountain

Grass Twisted Arrows

Helianthus Sunmazing (sunflower)

Helichotriton patio silver *

Heliotrope Marine

Hypoestes Hippo rose *

Impatiens Glimmer Burgundy

Impatiens NG Rollcoastr Red Racer *

Impatiens Rockapulco Wisteria Double

Impatiens Sunpatiens Compact Purple

Impatiens Sunpatiens Compact tropical rose

Impatiens Sunpatiens vigorous red

Ipomoea Bright Ideas black

Ipomoea Bright Ideas rusty red 24" lobed

Ipomoea Illusion Emerald Lace 3' trailing

Ipomoea Margurite lime trailing

Ipomoea SC Raven 3' lark lobed trailing

Ipomoea Sidekick Heart Black

Ipomoea Sidekick Heart Lime

Ipomoea Sidekick Lime

Ipomoea solar power black 3' heart trailing

Ipomoea spotlight lime heart 20"

Iresine Blazin' Rose

Ivy Hedera Patricia

Jamesbritteania safari Dawn *

Lamiastrum Hermann's Pride

Lantana Bandana Black Cherry

Lantana Bandolero Lychee

Lantana Passionfruit trailer *

Lantana Purple Falls trailer

Lantana Shamrock red

Lantana Shamrock rose gold 

Lobelia Bella Azure

Lobelia Hot Royal Blue

Lobelia Hot royal blue

Lobelia Laguna Cloud White

Lobelia Laguna compact blue w/eye

Lobelia Palace Blue

Lobelia superstar *

Lobelia Techno Dark Blue

Lobelia Techno Large blue violet

Lobelia Techno White

Lobularia snow princess

Lophospermum Lofos Comp Rose *

Lophospermum Lofos Comp White

Lysimachia FanciFillers Sunburst *

Lysimachia Goldilocks

Lysimachia Midnigh Sun *

Lysimachia waikiki sunset

Manettia Candy corn vine *

Marigold African Bali mix 32" tall

Marigold African Inca 11  mix 14" tall

Marigold African Marvel mix 18" tall

Marigold Durango flame

Marigold French Bonanza bolero 

Marigold French Hot pak fire 7"

Marigold French Hot pak fire 7"

Marigold Marvel mix 

Marigold Super Hero Deep Orange

Marigold Super Hero Deep Yellow

Marigold Super Hero Orange Flame

Marigold Super Hero Yellow Bee

Marigold Taishan Orange

Marigold Taishan Yellow

Marigold white swan *

Marigold Xochi 36" tall

Nemesia Angelart pineapple

Nemesia Aromatica royal blue

Nemesia Whimsy orange sunset *

Osteo 4d harvest moon

Osteo Daisy Falls pink trailing *

Osteo Zion pink sun

Osteo Zion purple sun

Ostero Flowerpower Comp Yellow

Oxalis Charmed Wine

Pansy Cool Wave Berries 'n Cream mix

Pansy Cool Wave Yellow Golden 

Pansy Spring Matrix blue wing

Pansy Spring Matrix Pink shades

Petchoa SupCalPrm Cinnamon (Petunia & Calibrachoa cross)

Petchoa SupCalPrm French Vanilla (Petunia & Calibrachoa cross) *

Petchoa SupCalPrm Orange Sunset (Petunia & Calibrachoa cross)

Petunia Amazonas Plum Cockatoo *

Petunia Amore Fiesta

Petunia Amore Queen of Hearts

Petunia Big Deal Fingerpaint

Petunia Blanket double white

Petunia Cascadias Arizona sky *

Petunia Cascadias Indian Summer

Petunia Colorrush blueberries & cream

Petunia Crazytunia Berry Frappe

Petunia Double Vogue Blue

Petunia Easy Wave Blue

Petunia Easy Wave Red

Petunia Easy Wave Violet

Petunia Easy Wave White

Petunia Fun House Amethyst Sunshine *

Petunia Headliner Enchanted Sky

Petunia Headliner Lavender pictotee

Petunia Headliner Night sky *

Petunia Headliner Saturn dark

Petunia Headliner Violet sky

Petunia Ipomoea Marguerite

Petunia Jewel Frosted Sapphire *

Petunia jewel Midnight Gold

Petunia Main stage Blueberry

Petunia Mainstage glacier sky

Petunia Mainstage glacier white

Petunia Origami watermelon *

Petunia Potunia colbalt

Petunia Ray Black

Petunia Ray Black

Petunia Sanguna Merlot

Petunia Sanuna Banana Candy

Petunia Sanuna Mango Punch

Petunia Smartunia Windmill Black

Petunia Splash Dancer Magenta Mambo

Petunia Starlet Magenta Star

Petunia Starlet Pinot Red

Petunia Supertunia Bermuda beach

Petunia Supertunia Black Cherry

Petunia Supertunia Hoopla Vivid Orchid

Petunia Supertunia Latte *

Petunia Supertunia Mini Vista Indigo

Petunia Supertunia Mini Vista Ultramarine *

Petunia Supertunia Royal Velvet

Petunia Supertunia Saffron Finch *

Petunia Supertunia Vista Jazzberry

Petunia Sweetsunshine magenta sky

Petunia Sweetsunshine magenta sky

Petunia Sweetsunshine magenta sky

Petunia Sweetunia Black Satin *

Petunia Sweetunia Fiona Flash

Petunia Sweetunia Johnny Flame *

Petunia Sweetunia Suzie Storm

Petunia  Crazytunia Black Mamba

Petunia  Crazytunia Mandevilla

Petunia  Crazytunia Moonstruck

Petunia  Headliner StarrySky Burgundy

Petunia  Slingshot burgundy bliss

Petunia Supercal Caramel Yellow (Petunia & Calibrachoa cross) *

Plectranthus Guacamole

Portulaca Colorblast double dragonfruit

Portulaca happy hour mix

Sagina Lime Moss

Salvia Hummingbird Falls trailing *

Salvia mystic spires 24"

Salvia plum crazy 48"

Salvia roman red 34"

Sanvitalia Powerbini 14" semitrailing

Sedum lemon coral *

Snapdragon candy tops mix

Snapdragon Liberty Lavender 22"

Strobilanthes Persian Shield

Sunflower Sunbuzz

Thunbergia Arizona Lemon Sunrise

Thunbergia Coconut A-Peel *

Thunbergia Sunny Susy pink beauty *

Thunbergia Towerpower Red

Torenia Moon magenta

Torenia moon yellow

Trifolium green glow *

Verbena Estrella white

Verbena Firehouse Red

Verbena Lanai Twister Purple

Verbena Lascar black velvet *

Verbena Superbena pink cashmere

Verbena Superbena Royal Romance *

Verbena Superbena sprarkling amethyst

Verbena Wicked pink pepper

Verbena  Empress Sun hot pink

Verbenab Blues Purple Eye

Vinca Major Wojo Jem *

Vinca Tattoo Black Cherry

Vinca Tattoo Tangerine *

Viola Sorbet XP Morpho 

Viola Sorbet XP yellow pink jump up

Zinnia Benary Giant Mix 40"tall

Zinnia Deamland Ivory

Zinnia Profusion Cherry bicolour

Zinnia sun mix formula 30"tall

Zinnia Zahara Double brilliant mix

Zinnia Zahara Double Fire

Zinnia Zahara Double Raspberry Ripple

Zinnia Zahara Double Yellow

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