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Vegetables & Herbs 2024
~ Grown from seed with love and care at DIG ~

We grow using high quality seeds, Organic Sunshine mix, Organic SeaSoil, Organic Azomite, Organic Perfect Blend 4-4-4, and Orgunique liquid fertilizer.  No Pesticides or Neonicotinoids.  If required we use natural soaps for pests.  

This list is to be used as a guide to what we start our season growing. This is not current inventory. Availability changes daily due to seed timing, weather, crop failure, and customer demand. Other varieties might be available throughout the season.


*Note the Green highlights are new for 2024*


Deep 6-pack $5.98 (re-introducing mixed combo packs)

Aspabroc Broccolini 7" spears 65days

Burney early heat tolerant 60days

Calabrese w/side shoots 60-90days

Chief extra early frost tolerant 55days

Green Goliath very early w/side shoots 55days

Gypsy heat tolerant w/side shoots 70 days

Waltham 29 Heirloom cold tolerant good for fall 74days

Brussel Sprouts

Deep 6-Pack $5.98 (re-introducing mixed combo packs)

Jade Cross hybrid 95days

Red Ball sweeter after frost 120days


Deep 6-Pack $5.98 (re-introducing mixed combo packs)

Alcosa savoy head 3-4lb heat tolerant 65days

Blues Chinese Napa early upright 45days (available in 2.5" pots as well)

Bronco mainseason 4-5lb dense head w/waxy wrapper 80days

Farao early 3-5lb sweet&spicy head, small core 65days

Langedijker winterkeeper head 110days

O-S Cross hybrid giant head (sauerkraut/cabbagerolls) 100days

Red Acre head compact 2-4lb tolerant to splitting 77days

Tiara Mini 1-2lb head (soft lettucelike fresh use) 63days


Deep 6-Pack $5.98 (re-introducing mixed combo packs)

Snow Crown F1 earliest 2lb cold tolerant spring or fall 48days

Amazing mainseason thick leaves help with bolting 75days


Deep 6-Pack $5.98 (re-introducing mixed combo packs)

Golden self-blanching Heirloom 90days

Tango organic hybrid non-stringy heat tolerant 85days


3.5" Pot $3.98

Corentine F1 parthenocarpic lg sweet smooth skin gherkin 45days

Cool Breeze hybrid earliest, all female flowers 45days

Cucamelon lush vine 67days

Dasher I1 F1 slicer, productive on vine 58days

Diva hybrid seedless 4" Lunchbox 52days

English burpless hybrid 10" need trellis 60days

Marketmore 76 OP slicer 8" 65days

Mercury F1 tender&sweet 6" burpless 50days

National Pickling best picked at 3" 55days

Progress F1 x-long straight 14" & burpless 60days

Sumter tender pickler needs vine 55days

Tasty Green F1 Japanese burpless 12" slicing 60days

Telegraph crisp w/few seeds 17" not for greenhouses 57days


3.5" Pot $3.98

Black King hybrid typical shape 60-65days

Millionaire Oriental hybrid long slender 60-65days

Ping Tung Taiwan Xlong 14" 70days

Black Beauty (not DIG grown) typical shape 80days *prices not set

Little Fingers (not DIG grown) compact plant harvest small 65days*prices not set


Parsley 2.5" Pot $2.98

Darki curly leaf

Italian Flat leaf 

Basil 2.5" Pot $2.98


Eleonora Genovese

Italian Large Leaf

Mammoth leaf


Red Rubin Improved


Sweet Dani Lemon

Thai Siam Queen
Tulsi Holy

Oregano​ 3.5" Pot $3.98

Greek Oregano

Common Oregano

Zaatar Oregano

Mints 3.5" Pot $3.98


Specialty Mints (prices vary)

After Eight  9cm

Apple  9cm 

Berries & Cream  9cm 

Blackcurrant  9cm

Hilary's Sweet Lemon  9cm

Mojito  9cm 

Orange  9cm

Strawberry  9cm

Sweet Pear  9cm 

Rosemary 3.5" pots prices vary

*this year we are not growing, only bringing in from suppliers

Arp  #1

Barbecue  #1

Spice Island  9cm

Other Herbs 

Cilantro Calypso


Chives Geisha and Staro (from supplier)

Garlic Chives

Sage Ceres

Sage Tangerine (from supplier, more $)



 Dill Dukat for pickles

Lemon Balm

Lemon Grass

Summer Savory
Stevia Candy

French Tarragon (From Supplier, more $)

Summer French Upright Thyme

English lowgrow Thyme

Winter Thyme

Thyme Cascata Lemonade (From supplier, more $)

Lemon Grass *price not set in 3.5" pots

cat grass in trays


Deep 6-Pack $5.98 (re-introducing mixed combo packs)

Black Magic Dinosaur/Lacinato

Darkibor - Dark green curly

Nero Di Toscana - Lacinato/Dinosaur

Red Russian - Purple/pink flat for baby leaf or bunches

Red Volants - Red ruffled grows 3-4', can use as baby leaf

Westlandse - Curly excellent taste, 32-40" plant


Tray $4.98 with appx 20 seedlings

Lancelot - 8" upright slender autumn 95days

Tadorna - 7" vigorous autumn 100days

Varna - ultimate summer 60-80days


Deep 6-Pack $5.98 (re-introducing mixed combo packs)

Bergams Green - Greenleaf, slow to bolt 45days

Buttercrunch - sweet & creamy, bolt tolerance, 50days

Dragoon - Mini Romaine, tolerant to tip burn, slow bolt, 50days

Edox - Butterhead red, resists going bitter, slow bolt, 52days

Hampton - Oakleaf head or one cut for loose leaf, slow bolt

Hilde II - Butterhead for spring or fall, 48days

Kaiser - Iceburg early, slow to bolt, 65days

Leny - Batavian, heat-tolerant, stay crisp under heat, 65days

Mighty Joe - Iceburg, smooth, uniform, 88days

Nevada - Green leaves 9", doesn't brown when cut, no tip burn, 65days

Paris Island Cos - Romaine11" slight Savoy, spring or fall, good as baby leaf, 70days

Pomegranate Crunch - Romaine-butterhead cross, deep-garnet, crispy, 50days

Red Dragon - Oakleaf burgundy upright

Red Sails -Looseleaf red, slow bolt, doesn't go bitter, 66days

Relay - Batavian purple

Salad Bowl - Greenleaf bowl shaped head, flavourful & soft,slow to bolt, 50days

Salad Bowl - Redleaf bowl shape head, better for cool temp, 50days

Sierra - excellent summer variety, resistant to bolt & tip burn, 65days

Summertime - Iceburg, heat resistand, bolt tolerant, almost never bitter, 70days

Trunchas - Mini Romaine, red w/green heart, slow bolt, 50days

Arugula in tray


3.5" Po$3.98

Moons & Stars - 24" oblong speckled, yellow flesh, 85days

Sugar Baby - round 8-10lb ripens black, nearly seedless, 80days

Quetzali - compact vine for patios, 9-12lb, sweet seedless, 83days


3.5" Pot $3.98

Diplomat - Honeydew green flesh, extra early, 64days

Hales Best - Cantaloupe, oblong 5lb, 85days

Halona - Cantaloupe, globe, resistant to powdery mildew, 75days

Hope - Cantaloupe, small 2lb, sweet, 60days


Tray $4.98 with appx 20 seedlings 

Ailsa Craig - Sweet 8" giant, firm, short storage but better than walla, 95days

Kelsae - Sweet enormous, world record is over16lbs,110days

Norstar - yellow earliest, very firm round, short storage, 85days

Patterson - yellow firm round, strong skin for longest storage, 104days

Red Wing - ultimate red skin storage (as long as copra), 110days

Spanish Medallion - gold/brown sweet globe, little pungency, better storage, 110days

Walla Walla - Sweet large juicy, 150days

White Wing - round medium pungent, storage onion, 105 days

Nebuka Long white bunching (Scallions) - little or no bulbing, 70days


3.5" Pot $3.98

Ace Bell


Aruba Sweet

Bright Star

Calironia Wonder Bell

Campeon XL Jalapeno

Chocolate Beauty

Flame Thai Hot

Golden Star Bell

Gypsy Sweet

Mucho Natcho Jalapeno

Sweet Salsa Lipstick


Purple Beauty

Purple Star

Raam Jalapeno

Redstart Sweet Bell

Sriracha Hot


Zesy Hot Banana

Hot peppers from a Supplier (more $):

Carolina Reaper

Ghost/Bhut Jolokia

Hot Burrito

Hot Fajita

Hot Pinata

Hot Tamale


Trinidad Scorpion


3.5" Pot $3.98


New England Sugar Pie

Small Sugar

Rouge Vif D'etamps


Tray $4.98 with appx 20 seedlings

Ambition - round 2" brown/red, high yield, excellent storage 100days

Innovator - tear shaped pink, firm, good skin stores well110days

Zebrune - long pink, texture of onion but flavour of shallot, 100 days

Summer Squash

3.5" Pot $3.98

Early Summer crookneck

Black Beauty - zucchini

Golden Delight - Zucchini

Raven - Zucchini

Spineless Beauty - Zucchini

Tiger - mini zucchini

Sunburst - yellow scallop

Winter Squash

3.5" Pot $3.98

Burgess Buttercup

Avalon Butternut

Butterbaby Butternut

Waltham Butternut

Early Butternut

Delicata JS

Zepelin Delicata

Golden Hubbard

Green Hubbard

Honeybear Acorn


Blue Kuri Kobatcha

Sunshine Kabocha

Sweet Potato Vine

5" potted plant $7.98 (pre-purchase in online store or shop Mid May)

Kaukura - Orange flesh

Makatea - White flesh

Tahiti - Purple flesh

Swiss Chard

Deep 6-Pack $5.98 (re-introducing mixed combo packs)

Bright Lights


Fire Flash Red

Silverado slow bolt



3.5" Pot $3.98

Big Beef

Black Krim

Bonny Best - canning

Brandywine Red - beefstake

Brandywine Yellow - beefstake

Bush Beefstake


Cherokee Purple

Chocolate Lightning - dwarf

Early Girl

Garden Treasure - Proven Winners


Lemon Boy

Mamma Mia Roma


Mushroom Basket (bringing in from supplier)

Ponderosa Pink - Beefstake

San Marzano Roma

Shelby - paste

Spring King bush

Supremo Roma

Tasmanian Chocolate

Taste Patio - paste

Ultra Girl

Ultra Sonic

Ultra Sweet

Cherry Tomato

Black Cherry

Blush Saladette - elongated

Chocolate Sprinkles

Esterina - Lori's fav yellow highly productive

Juane Flame - yellow

Juliet - red plum paste

Orange Zinger

Red Robin - red compact

Rosita - Brandywine Lg

Sugar Rush

Sun Sugar - yellow

Sungold - yellow/gold

Super Sweet 100 - red

Sweet Gold - yellow

Sweet Million - red

Tumbling Tomato - red

Tumbling Tomato - yellow

Yellow Pear


3.5" Po$3.98

Plaza Latina - 3" giant


Toma Verde

Ground Cherry

3.5" Pot $3.98

Chupon De Malinalco - Tomatillo/Ground cherry cross

Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry

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