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Where people who like to garden, LOVE to shop!

At DIG our team works hard to source quality plants from reputable sources so that we can offer you a unique selection at a competitive price in our compact 1 acre property.  We think gardening should be inclusive, affordable, easy and fun!

In our five greenhouses we grow our own vegetables and herbs from seed which means better control on quality, variety, and quantity.  We only use the best seeds, soils & fertilizers and do not apply neonicotinoids. AZOMITE is used in our soil for a stronger, healthier, more disease resistant plant.

DIG strives to offer an exciting selection of annual flowering plants for your gardens, containers and hanging baskets.  We bring in small plants that we grow on to be ready for sale around mid April.  The plants are available as 3.5", 4", 5.5" pots or as beautiful baskets and containers.  We also have a wonderful supplier of additional locally grown stock to compliment our own DIG grown stock.  We aim to provide a steady supply of plants from Spring until mid-June.  By the time July arrives we hope to have sold all of our annuals to provide beauty in gardens. For the best selection shop early and often!

Trees, shrubs & perennials are sourced from at least 8 suppliers every year.  We offer the best prices by consolidating our orders into semi-trailers.  For this reason, we like to make sure the weather will be accommodating to new plants so they transition nicely into our Kootenay life.  Generally, the 3rd week in April is a safe bet, but keep in mind you might need to frost cloth your new plants for protection against cold nights.

Perennials are regularly ordered based on what is coming into bloom so that you can get it in the garden and enjoy.  Therefore Pansies & Primula are early, Salvia and Dianthus are midseason, Echinacea & Rudbeckia are later (you get the idea).  The best advise is not to come into a garden centre and purchase all of your plants while in bloom, rather come every few weeks and fill your garden space with blooms that will give you enjoyment from early spring to late fall.  Start with your larger selections and you can always fill in the spaces over the years.

We are happy to search for special plants, but keep in mind we work a season ahead and orders for the spring are placed the previous year. Availability drops considerably after that. Orders can be placed mid season but after our main stock has arrived additional shipping costs would be incurred.

Every purchase will have planting tips to help you be successful.  If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.  We have a variety of staff with all different backgrounds who will know the answers, and if not, we will figure it out together.

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