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Inside The Store

Come on in and wander our 3000 sqft store that is overflowing with amazing stock!

Don't worry about your trolly cart of plants, just leave it outside and let us know it is yours.  While you shop we will have it tallied and when you are ready to checkout, we will be ready for you! Sometimes the lineups can look long but on busy days we have 2 cashiers and a helper.  We accept MasterCard, Visa, Debit (tap, swipe, or sign) and of course Cash!

If you require soils or manures from outside in the soil compound - don't worry, we do all the loading for you.  Just come in and tell us what you need and we will ring it in and help you out! 

Have little kids and want to bribe them into being good so you can shop, just let us know because I have a little toy or sticker under the cashiers till when you leave. 

If you don't see what you are looking for then please ask.... there are lots of hiding places in the store but some things are kept in the warehouse, soil compound, or greenhouses.

We have gift certificates in whatever denomination you require. They do not expire but keep in mind to treat them like cash and not lose the large envelope!

We carry houseplants, giftware, seeds, garden supplies, fertilizers & more

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