Lady Emma Hamilton (orange-yellow)(zone 5)(4'x3')(highly scented)(grafted)

Susan Williams-Ellis (white)(zone 4)(4'x3')(very scented)(grafted)

Munstead Wood (Deep Crimson)(zone 5)(3'x2.5')(very scented)(own root)

James Galway (medium pink)(zone 4)(5'x4' or climb)(med scent)(own root)

Charlotte (soft yellow)(zone 4)(4'x3')(very scented)(own root)

Wollerton Old Hall (apricot)(zone5)(5'x3' or climb)(highly scented)(own root)


Happy Go Lucky (pure yellow)(grandiflora)(med scent)(grafted)

Easy Does It (orangey-apricot)(floribunda)(med scent)(grafted)

Love (scarlet red w/white reverse)(grandiflora)(slight scent)(grafted)

Marilyn Monroe (apricot)(hybrid tea)(mild peach/citrus scent)(grafted)

Rock & Roll (red/white stripes)(grandiflora)(strong rose/fruit scent)(grafted)

Twilight Zone (deep purple)(grandiflora)(strong spicy clove/citrus)(grafted)

Ketchup & Mustard (red/deep yellow reverse)(floribunda)(mild scent)(grafted)

Iceburg (ice white)(floribunda)(mild honey scent)(grafted)

Persian Yellow (dark yellow)(foetida)(strong licorice scent)(grafted)

Outta The Blue (magenta)(shrub)(strong clove/rose scent)(own root)

Smoke Rings (cantaloupe orange to purple picotte)(mini)(light scent)(own root)

Texas (bright yellow)(mini)(light scent)(own root)


Rosa Blanc Double de Coubert

Rosa Easy Elegance 'High Voltage'

Rosa Hansa

Rosa Hansa

Rosa John Cabot (climber)

Rosa Oso Easy Paprika

Rosa Oso Easy Strawberry Crush

Rosa Peach Lemonade

Rosa 'Royal Bonica'

Rosa rugosa Purple Pavement

Rosa rugosa Scarlet Pavement