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Tahiti Purple Sweet Potato potted

Tahiti Purple Sweet Potato potted

Pre-purchase for 2nd week of May pick up. Include phone # so you can be contacted upon arrival. One plant comes rooted in a 5' pot for $7.98


The delicious, sweet purple jewel

Named after the largest island in French Polynesia, known for its high mountains and surrounding coral reefs, the Tahiti sweet potato is abundant in health-promoting benefits that are delivered through its edible and narrow, dark-green, finger-shaped foliage and its rich purple skin and flesh. 


    Sweet potatoes like it hot ! Plant these in the garden at least  1-2 weeks after the last chance of frost.  

    Plant sweet potatoes in a sunny, warm location about  12-18 inches apart and allow 3 feet between rows. Sweet potato seedlings in pots have a tendency to become rootbound. When the roots ( which turn into sweet potatoes) begin to grow they will often circle around the inside of the  pot. If rootbound before planting cut a good portion of the  roots off of the bottom and loosen the remaining roots. Feed  the plants bi-weekly with a Tomato or fruit & vegetable  fertilizer. 


    Sweet potatoes are ready to harvest as the ends of the vines  begin to yellow, just before frost.  

    Sweet potatoes need a period of curing to bring out their  sweetness. Shake off soil and store your unwashed sweet  potatoes in a warm well ventilated location. As they cure the  flesh will become sweeter and more nutritious. After 10 days  move your sweet potatoes to a cool, dry spot, do not  refrigerate or store below 50 F. Cured sweet potatoes will  keep for up to 6 months. 

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