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Seed Potatoes 'Russet Burbank' 2kg sack

Seed Potatoes 'Russet Burbank' 2kg sack

SKU: 774431203605

Did you know that potatoes are the #1 vegetable crop in the US and the world's fourth largest food crop! Russet typifies a 'baked potato' Russet Burbank is a late variety with lower sugar making it great for frying. It stores very well for a long period. Taste test rates very high in both frying and baking. Russets are my go to pantry staple!

  • How to make the perfect baked potato

    First you should clean the tuber by scrubbing it under running water and pat it dry.  Pierce the potato a few times with a knife so it has room to vent the steam, then rub olive oil and put a few dashes of salt & pepper all over . Place on a foil-lined baking sheet for about an hour at 425 degrees Fahrenheit to cook. My favourite part is squeezing them in the middle so they explode fluffy interior so I can top with butter, sour cream and of course bacon bits with chives.

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