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Dwarf Fig Tree- Ficus Fignomenal

Dwarf Fig Tree- Ficus Fignomenal

Fignomenal Fig is a dwarf fig tree (Ficus carica) that grows up to 28” tall and wide, so it's perfect for container gardening or urban gardening. This is an exciting new fig variety that fruits year-round when in full-sun. The medium-sized figs are deep brown with a sweet, reddish interior, and ‘Fignomenal’ produces a prolific amount of fruit for its compact size.


Important Information


This tree is zone 7 so will need to be brought indoors during the winter or be in a heated greenhouse. We recommend re potting into a larger pot with well drained soil, Azomite trace minerals and fertlize with a fruit tree fertilzer. 


This is a Pre Order that will be ready to pick up last week of April


Price is for one Fignomenal Fig tree in a 1 gallon standard pot (not decorative).  Include your phone number.

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