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Everbearing Raspberry 'Polana'

Everbearing Raspberry 'Polana'

Everbearing Raspberry 'Polana' (Rubus idaeus 'Polana') is an early everbearing variety of raspberries that is noted for its early season fruit, abundant, fruit-laden canes, and compact, manageable size.


If you live in an area with early fall frost, the Polana Raspberry is an excellent choice. 

  • Full Sun (At Least 6 Hours Of Direct Sunlight)
  • Mature Height 5 - 7 Feet
  • Mature Spread 5 - 7 Feet
  • Growing Zones 3 - 8


This is a pre-order item that will be ready for pick up this spring. We will call you once your order is ready at the store. 

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