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Chamaecyparis noot. Pendula  Weeping Nootka False Cypress

Chamaecyparis obtusa   Hinoki Cypress

Chamaecyparis pis. 'Golden Mop'   Mounded False Cypress


Juniperus chinensis

 Gold Coast

 Gold Tip

 Old Gold

.Sea Green


Juniperus communus 

Alpine Carpet

Gold Cone

Juniperus horizontalis

Blue Prince


Icee Blue

Juniperus sabina

Blue Danube

Calgary Carpet

New Blue Tamarix

Juniperus scopulorum   Upright, columnar Junipers


Sky Rocket

Wichita Blue

Juniperus squamata

Blue Star

Picea  Spruce

Picea aibes   Norway Spruce

Picea glauca conica  Dwarf Alberta Spruce


albertina Daisy White

albertina Globosa

albertina Rainblow's End

Picea pungens   Blue Spruce

Baby Blue 

Pinus  Pines

Pinus cembra  Swiss Stone Pine

Pinus mugo  Winter Gold 

Pinus strobus  Eastern White Pine

Blue Shag


Pinus sylvestris  Scots Pine

Scotch Blue topiary


Taxus  Yews

Taxus cuspidata  Morden   upright Yew

Taxus media Hicksii   Upright Yew

Taxus media Stonehenge  Columnar Yew

Thuja  Cedars

Thuja occidentalis   Eastern White Cedar


De Groot's Spire

Harvest Moon

Polar Gold

Smaragd or Emerald Cedar  popular hedging cedar

Thin Man  12-15' x 3'-5'  nice compact screening cedar for tight spaces

Thuja orientalis (platycladus)  Franky Boy   Chinese arborvitae

Thuja plicata   Western Red Cedar cultivars  DEER RESISTANT cedars

Emerald Giant


Forever Goldy

Green Giant

Northern Spire

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