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VINES 2020

Campsis radicans

Campsis hyb Madame Galen

CLEMATIS (incl color & pruning group)

Belle of Woking (light pink, double) 2

Duches of Edinburgh (white,dbl) 2

Ernest Markham (magenta/Red) 3

Gypsy Queen (Dark Purple) 3

Hagley Hybrid (Pink/Mauve) 3

Louise Rowe (Light Mauve,dbl) 2

macropetala Markham's Pink (pink,dbl, bell shape) 1

Multi Blue (x Jacmanii) (blue/purple, dbl ) 2

pan. Sweet Autumn (white, F) 3

Rehderiana (Straw Yellow, F) 3 barely hardy here -23

Royalty ((Dk PinkMauve) 2

Snow Queen (white/blue) 2

tangutica 'My Angel' 3

texensis Gravety Beauty (Red/Pink, trumpet shaped) 3

texensis Pagoda (mauve/pink) 3

texensis Princess diana (pink) 3

vitecella smaller flowers, vigorous climbers

viticella alba luxurians (white) 3

vit. purp. Plena Elegans (red/purple,dbl) 3

vit. rubra (Red) 3

Humulus lup. Aureum

Lonicera pericly. Belgica

Lonicera Dropmore Scarlet

Lonicera Goldfalme

Parthenocissus englemannii (Virginia Creeper)

Parth. quinquefolia

Parth. quin. Star Showers

Wisteria macro. Aunt Dee #2

Wisteria macro. Blue Moon #1

Wisteria macro Blue Moon #3

Wisteria macro Blue Moon #5

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