Why should I use a starter mix?

The reason to use a starter mix vs a potting mix is that they are made of a finer cut of peat moss and smaller grinds of perlite and vermiculite which helps retain more moisture.  You will notice that potting mixes are quite a bit heavier and the Perlite are rather large chunks. 

Starter mixes generally have a lower fertilizer charge which prevents young seedlings from burning, you don't need much to get a seedling going.  We add about a Tbsp of AZOMITE ® to our seedling mix for each 10x20 plug flat which helps with root development and pest/disease resistance (ask for a free sample).  

DO NOT add garden soil, compost or manure which can introduce pathogens and increase your chances of dampening off.  There is also no need to add fertilizer until transplant time in a couple of weeks.

At DIG we have 3 different brands of starter mix in the store to choose from and they all work great!  You need to think about how many seeds you will be starting because the bigger the bag, the bigger the savings.  Also decide if organic is important because the Blue bag below is our organic choice. 

I hope you found this information helpful, stay tuned for more blogs! 

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