This list is to be used as a guide to what we start our season growing. This is not a current inventory. Plant availability changes on a daily basis due to seed timing, weather, crop failure, and customer demand. Other varieties might be available throughout the season from our other suppliers.

Our Vegetables & Herbs are grown using good quality seeds, Organic Sunshine mix, Organic Sea Soil, Organic Azomite, Organic Perfect Blend 4-4-4 granular, and Orgunique liquid fertilizer.  No Pesticides or Neonicotinoids are used.  If required we sometimes use soaps as a knock-down.  You will be happy to take home our plants grown with Love. 

Broccoli Deep 6 packs 

Broccoli Burney

Broccoli Chief

Broccoli Gyspy

Brussels Deep 6 Packs

Brussels Sprouts Jade Cross

Cabbage Deep 6 Packs

Cabbage Bronco

Cabbage Farao

Cabbage Langedijker Late

Cabbage O-S Cross

Cabbage Rad Acre

Cauliflower Deep 6 Pack

Cauliflower Amazing

Cauliflower Snow Crown

Cauliflower Snowball

Celery 3.5" Pot

Celery Tango

Cucumber 3.5" Pot

Cucumber Mercury

Cucumber National Pickling

Cucumber Perseus

Cucumber Progress

Cucumber Telegraph

Eggplant 3.5" Pot

Eggplant Epic

Eggplant Shooting Stars Striped

Fennel 3.5" Pot

Fennel Orion

Herbs 3.5" or 2.25" Pot

Herb Basil Italian Large Leaf Organic

Herb Basil Persian Organic

Herb Basil Red Rubin

Herb Borage

Herb Coriander Calypso

Herb Dill Fernleaf

Herb Lemon Balm

Herb Mint Spearmint

Herb Monarda Lemon Bergamot

Herb Oregano Greek

Herb Sage

Herb Summer Savory

Herb Thyme

Herb Winter Savory

Kale Deep 6 Pack

Kale Black Magic

Kale Nero Di Toscana

Kale Red Volants

Leek Open Tray

Leek Autumn Giant

Leek Lancelot

Lettuce Deep 6 Pack

Lettuce Bergams Green Organic

Lettuce Buttercrunch

Lettuce Edox

Lettuce Nevada

Lettuce Red Sails

Lettuce Red Salad Bowl

Lettuce Sierra

Lettuce Susana

Lettuce Templin Organic

Melon 3.5" Pot

Melons Halona

Watermelon Crimson Sweet

Onion Open Tray

Onion Kelsae Sweat Giant

Onion Walla Walla

Onions Ambition

Onions Borrettana

Onions Copra

Onions Expression

Onions Norstar

Onions Red Marble

Onions Red of Florence Round

Onions Red Tropeana Lunga

Onions Sweet White Wing

Pepper 3.5" Pot

Pepper Ace

Pepper Admiral

Pepper Aruba

Pepper Bright Star

Pepper California Wonder

Pepper Campeon

Pepper Caribbean Red Habanero

Pepper Chocolate Beauty

Pepper Corbaci

Pepper Double Up

Pepper Flame

Pepper Gypsy

Pepper Highlander Organic

Pepper King of the North

Pepper Mosqueterro

Pepper Pasila Bajio

Pepper Purple Star

Pepper Sugar Rush Peach Hot

Pepper Sureno

Pepper Sweet

Pepper Sweet Paprika Organic

Pepper Takara

Pepper Zesy

Shallot Open Tray

Shallot Zebrune

Squash 3.5" Pot

Squash Sunburst

Summer Squash Golden Delight

Summer Squash Zucchini Black Beauty

Summer Squash Zucchini Raven

Winter Squash Burgess Buttercup

Winter Squash Delicata JS

Winter Squash Honey Bear

Winter Squash Hubbard Improved Green

Winter Squash Pinnacle

Tomato 3.5" Pot

Tomatillo San Juanito

Tomato Aria

Tomato Big Mama Paste

Tomato Black Krim

Tomato Bonny Best

Tomato Brandywine Red

Tomato Brandywine Yellow

Tomato Celebrity

Tomato Cherokee Purple Organic

Tomato Chocolate Sprinklers

Tomato Early Girl

Tomato Esterina

Tomato Genuwine

Tomato Grightmires Pride

Tomato Juliet

Tomato Matina

Tomato Orange Zinger

Tomato Ponderosa Pink

Tomato Roma Supremo

Tomato Rutgers

Tomato Sugar Rush

Tomato Sun Sugar

Tomato Sungold

Tomato Super Sweet 100

Tomato Sweet Million

Tomato Totem

Tomato Tumbling Tom Red

Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow

Tomato Ultra Boy 2

Tomato Ultra Girl

Tomato Ultrasonic

Tomato Yellow Pear Organic