Please note that the following plant list is what we are growing or being supplied for the season. Stock levels will fluctuate and plants will be ready at different time frames depending on our weather. We will sell out of certain items quicker than others and this list will not be updated to reflect current inventory. Please note that when we open our greenhouse mid April the annuals that you take home will need to be kept inside a heated greenhouse/house until they can be hardened off in early May (Keep in mind the suggested frost free planting time is May Long Weekend) and they need to be fertilized and pinched for a nice full plant. 

4 Packs

Dusty Miller Silverdust

Gazania New Day Rose Stripe

Marigold Bonanza Deep Orange

Marigold Durango Outback Mix

Marigold Inca Mix

Marigold Safari Queen

Marigold Super Hero Spry

Marigold Superhero Yellow

Pansy Fizzy Lemonberry

Pansy Matrix Solar Flare Mix

Zinnia Zahara Double Mix

Zinnia Zahara Raspberry Lemonade

Ageratum Artist Purple *PW

Angelonia Blue & White

Angelonia Zebra

Argyranthemum Angelic Ruby

Bacopa Bahia White

Bacopa Epic Blue

Bacopa MegaCopa Blue

Bacopa Megacopa Pink

Bacopa Megacopa White Versa

Bacopa White

Begonia Amstel Batik

Begonia Rise Up Sansibel Peach

Begonia Shine Bright Amore Red

Bidens Bee Bold

Bidens Bidy Bop Blaze

Bidens Giant Sun Louis

Bougainvillea Assorted

Bracteantha Cottage Bronze

Calibrachoa Cabaret Purple Heart

Calibrachoa Cabaret Red Bright

Calibrachoa Calibasket Corona

Calibrachoa Calibasket Midnight

Calibrachoa Calibasket Sunny Side

Calibrachoa Calitastic Dark Violet

Calibrachoa Calitastic Mango

Calibrachoa Can-Can Dark Purple 

Calibrachoa Can-Can Orange

Calibrachoa Can-Can Pink Bumble Bee

Calibrachoa Candy Shop Candy Bouquet

Calibrachoa Candy Shop Sweet Dreams

Calibrachoa Celebration Limoncello

Calibrachoa Celebration Mozart

Calibrachoa Chameleon Atomic Orange

Calibrachoa Chameleon Cherry Banana

Calibrachoa Conga Rose Kiss

Calibrachoa Conga Sun Kiss

Calibrachoa Hula Pink Pastel

Calibrachoa Minifamous Double Apricot

Calibrachoa Minifamous Double Magenta

Calibrachoa Minifamous Double Pink Vein

Calibrachoa Minifamous Neo Apricot Strike

Calibrachoa Minifamous Neo Blue Light

Calibrachoa Minifamous Uno Double Pink

Calibrachoa Skywalker

Calibrachoa Superbells Cardinal Star *PW

Calibrachoa Superbells Coralina *PW

Calibrachoa Superbells Double Chiffon *PW

Calibrachoa Superbells Double Ruby *PW

Calibrachoa Superbells Holy Smokes *PW

Calibrachoa Superbells Lemon Slice *PW

Calibrachoa Superbells Sweet Tart *PW

Calibrachoa Superbells Tangerine Punch *PW

Calibrachoa Volcano Neon

Canna K. Humbert

Canna African Sunset

Canna Australis

Canna Pretoria

Coleus Colorblaze Dipt in Wine *PW

Coleus Colorblaze Golden Dreams *PW

Coleus Colorblaze Rediculous *PW

Coleus Colorblaze Royal Apple Brandy *PW

Coleus Colorblaze Sedona Sunset *PW

Coleus Colorblaze Stawberry Drop *PW

Coleus Fishnet Stockings *PW

Cordyline Coral

Cordyline Pink Champagne

Cordyline Red Star

Cordyline Southern Splendour

Cosmos Eclipse

Cuphea FloriGlory Diana

Dahlia Dahlitful Crushed Crimson *PW

Dahlia Mystic Memories

Dianthus Devine Basket Neon Purple

Dianthus Devine Compact Clear White

Dichondra Silver Falls

Dorotheanthus Mezoo Trailing

Dracaena Spike

Euphorbia Breathless Blush

Euphorbia Diamond Frost *PW

Euphorbia Star Dust Super Flash

Fuchsia Aunti Jinks

Fuchsia Bella Julia

Fuchsia Bella Rosella

Fuchsia Blue Angel

Fuchsia Claudia

Fuchsia Seventh Heaven

Gallium Woodruff

Geranium Allure Tangerine

Geranium Angels Perfume

Geranium Bermuda Cherry

Geranium Boldly Burgundy *PW

Geranium Fancy Leaf Mrs Pollock

Geranium Fancy Leaf Occold Shield

Geranium Fancy Leaf Vancouver Centre

Geranium Glitter Orange

Geranium Pillar Violet

Geranium Pinkerbell

Geranium Precision Burgundy

Gerbera Assorted

Grass Graceful Fireworks *PW

Grass Graceful Vertigo *PW

Hedera Colchica Eva

Hedera Needlepoint

Hypoestes Hippo White *PW

Impatiens NG Harmony Raspberry Cream

Impatiens NG Harmony Sweetheart Rose

Impatiens NG Strike Plum

Ipomoea Marguerite

Ipomoea Marguerite

Ipomoea Sidekick Bronze Heart

Ipomoea Solar Power Black Heart

Ipomoea Solar Power Red

Ipomoea Solar Power Red Heart

Ipomoea Solar Tower Lime

Ipomoea Suntory Lime

Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Bewitched Green with Envy *PW

Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Kiwi *PW

Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Jet Black *PW

Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Red *PW

Lantana Lucky Lavender

Lavender Blue Star

Lavender Boysenberry Ruff

Lavender Compact Rose

Lavender Kew Red

Lobelia Early Springs White

Lobelia Laguna Sky Blue *PW

Lobelia Laguna Trailing White *PW

Lobelia Magadi Basket Dark Purple

Lobelia Magadi Basket White

Lobelia Magadi Blue Dark

Lobelia Star Superstar

Lobelia Waterfall Blue

Lophospermum Compact White

Lophospermum Lofos Compact Rose

Lophospermum Lofos Compact Rose *PW

Lysimachia Hillier Sunburst

Lysimachia Waikiki Sunset *PW

Mandevilla Sun Parasol Original Cream

Manettia Bicolor

Muehlenbeckia Maidenhair Vine

Nasturtium Flame Thrower Gold

Nemesia French Connection Easter

Nemesia Penhow Blue Lagoon

Osteo 4D Berry White

Osteo Serenity Rose Magic

Oxalis Charmed Wine *PW

Pericallis Senetti Blue Bicolor

Petchoa Supercal Cherry 

Petchoa Supercal Light Yellow

Petchoa Supercal Premium French

Petunia Black Magic

Petunia Cha-Ching Cherry

Petunia Constellation Gemini

Petunia Constellation Pyxis

Petunia Crazytunia Black Mamba

Petunia Crazytunia Blackberry Mojito

Petunia Crazytunia Cosmic Purple

Petunia Crazytunia Moonstruck

Petunia Crazytunia Razzmatazz

Petunia Crazytunia Sugar Beet

Petunia Crazytunia Twilight Red

Petunia Double Wave White

Petunia Easy Wave Blue

Petunia Easy Wave Burgundy Star

Petunia Easy Wave Burgundy Velour

Petunia Easy Wave Coal Reef

Petunia Easy Wave Red Velour

Petunia Easy Wave Violet

Petunia Easy Wave Yellow

Petunia Headliner Night Sky

Petunia Headliner Pink Sky

Petunia Headliner Starry Sky Burgundy

Petunia Jelly Roll

Petunia Origami Burgundy

Petunia Peppy Plum

Petunia Phantom

Petunia Pinstripe

Petunia Starlet Pinot Red

Petunia Starlet Salmon Red Vein

Petunia Starlet Velvet

Petunia Supertunia Black Cherry *PW

Petunia Supertunia Daybreak Charm *PW

Petunia Supertunia Honey *PW

Petunia Supertunia Latte *PW

Petunia Supertunia Lovie Dovie *PW

Petunia Supertunia Picasso in Purple *PW

Petunia Supertunia Violet Star Charm *PW

Petunia Supertunia Vista Silverberry *PW

Petunia Surprise Moonlight Bay 

Petunia Surprise Neon

Petunia Sweet Sunshine Burgundy

Petunia Sweet Sunshine Honeydew

Petunia Sweet Sunshine Light Pink

Petunia Sweetunia Black Satin

Petunia Sweetunia Fiona Flash

Petunia Sweetunia Johnny Flame

Phlox Intensia Red Hot *PW

Portulaca Colorblast Double Guava

Portulaca Colorblast Lemon Twist

Sagina Irish Moss

Salvia Majestic Silver Blue

Salvia Rockin Deep Purple *PW

Salvia Rockin Golden Delicious *PW

Scaevola Scalora Suntastic

Scaevola Surdiva Blue Violet

Sedum Lemon Coral *PW

Setcreasea Purple Heart

Strobilanthes Persian Shield

Thunbergia Arizona Pink Beauty

Thunbergia Orange Diverse

Thunbergia Sunny Susy Brownie

Thunbergia Sunny Susy Pink Beauty

Thunbergia Tang Slice A Peel *PW

Torenia Summerwave Amethyst

Torenia Summerwave Large Violet

Verbena Endurascape Hot Pink

Verbena Firehouse Light Pink

Verbena Superbena Royal Chambray *PW

Verbena Superbena Royal Plum Wine *PW

Verbena Superbena Royal Romance *PW

Verbena Superbena Scarlet Star *PW

Verbena Superbena Spark Amethyst *PW

Verena Empress Flair Burgundy Star

Vinca Nirvana Cascade Pink Splash